3rd ANZPAC Workshop on Biofouling Management

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The conference will provide a global outlook on current biofouling management needs, requirements and practices, deficiencies in effectiveness and practicality, and the status of research in better understanding impacts and developing innovative solutions.


  • Explore the current and future maritime landscape as it relates to recent and proposed regulations, standard development and implementation;
  • Discuss the needs of vessel operators to find a balance between improved vessel fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, effective biosecurity risk mitigation and compliance with proposed standards; and,
  • Identify where the knowledge and policy gaps are that are hindering the implementation of effective biofouling management strategies and standards


  • regulations & requirements (biosecurity/antifouling)
  • biofouling & vessel efficiency
  • biofouling management
  • in-water cleaning (methods & management)
  • invasive & non-indigenous species risks
  • and domestic & small vessels (risks and management)

This workshop is similar in scope to the International Congress on Marine Corrosion and Fouling, and is therefore held in alternate years to those events. It differs, however, in having a greater focus on practical issues facing the shipping sector in terms of regulatory compliance, efficiency of vessel performance, and other challenges posed by biofouling and its management.

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